BEAUTY 2011                    

13th International  Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines        April 4th-8th 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                            

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October 3
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The conference fee is 480 Euros. The fee for participants covers conference materials, reception, coffee breaks, lunch, the social programme (welcome party, boat trip, museum tour plus conference dinner), and the conference proceedings. A deduction of 50 Euros can be made when there is no participation in the social program. The fee for accompagnying persons for: welcome party, boat trip and museum tour plus conference diner is 100 Euros.

Payments via bank remission were accepted only until two weeks before the beginning of the conference. For those who have not paid yet: you can pay on the first day of the conference at the registration desk either by cash or by credit card (VISA and Mastercard only, no Diners or American Express). A bank is located at 300m off Felix Meritis.