BEAUTY 2011                    

13th International  Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines        April 4th-8th 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                            

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October 10 2011
Proceedings  online



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Felix Meritis


The 13th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines will be held from April  4th - 8th 2011 at Felix Meritis - Amsterdam

The purpose of the Beauty 2011 conference is to review results in the field of B-physics and CP-violation, as well as to explore the physics potential of existing and upcoming B-physics experiments, with a focus on hadron machines. Talks are by invitation only.


Information about Amsterdam (Iphone app) can be found in the Amsterdam Guide (see Amsterdam in menu). When coming from Schiphol to Amsterdam the taxis are usually rather expensive (taking the train to Amsterdam Central is preferable). The weather can be nice in this time of year, so use public transportation or explore by foot with a map to visit museums like the VanGogh and Rijksmuseum with an online obtained ticket.  Or you can use a special Amsterdam Tourist Card for access. See also our special handout.


The proceedings of the conference have been published and can be found online.Poster Beauty2011